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TWA Logo Landscape Transparent White

D & D Electric

Industry: Electrical Services
Project: Logo Refresh and Merchandising Graphics

The Challenge

D&D Electric, a locally respected electrical service provider, sought the expertise of TWA Studio for a special project. They wanted to add a unique and fun twist to their existing logo, turning it into something their team would be proud to wear on t-shirts and sweatshirts both at work and beyond.

The Approach

TWA Studio, led by Corryn, recognized the opportunity to fuse the already strong brand identity of D&D Electric with a design that not only stood out visually but also resonated with the company’s workforce. The goal was to find a meaningful symbol that encapsulated the team’s day-to-day operations and represented their dependable service.

After thoughtful consideration, Corryn identified the company’s work vans as a perfect symbol. These vehicles were not just a means for providing services but were also a recognizable fixture in the community, showcasing the company’s dedication and commitment.

The Solution

Corryn, using her unique skill of blending hand-drawn artistry with digital design, created a stylized, retro version of the van. The vehicle was incorporated into the existing logo, adding a hint of playful nostalgia and tying the design closely to the everyday life of the D&D Electric team.

To make the logo pop and add an element of fun, she used bold and vibrant colors. The result was a refreshed logo that was contemporary yet retained the charm of D&D Electric’s history.

The Result

The logo refresh was a tremendous success, and the D&D Electric team proudly sported the new design on their work clothing. The distinct, vibrant logo design sparked conversations with clients, acting as a walking advertisement for the company. Moreover, it elevated the team’s sense of pride and connection to the company, with employees wearing the gear not just at work, but in their off-hours too.

The D&D Electric project stands as a testament to TWA Studio’s commitment to creating designs that go beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about capturing the essence of a brand and its story, while fostering connection and a sense of belonging.

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