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Norfolk Juice Co. Apparel Design

Industry: Beverage/Juice Bars
Project: T-Shirt Designs, Future Web Design

The Challenge

Lyndsay from Norfolk Juice Co., a thriving business that’s all about fresh, healthy, and utterly delicious juices, reached out with a fun project. With their new location in the tourist hub of Port Dover, they wanted a t-shirt design that not only resonated with their brand but also appealed to tourists and doubled as staff apparel. That’s a tall order, but I was ready for it!

The Approach

Keeping in mind Norfolk’s branding and the fun and freshness that they embody, I started sketching out ideas. It was vital to stay in tune with the company’s ethos while injecting a splash of tourism appeal into the designs. Two concepts emerged as winners – “Divers Getting Juicy” and “Juice All Day”.

The Solution

After working through several iterations, we arrived at a captivating logo design that truly embodied the spirit of MayBells & Daisy’s. We paired this with a color palette inspired by the first rays of sunshine after a long winter and fonts that exuded warmth and positivity. To complete Erin’s branding suite, I also designed her business cards and gift cards—tangible pieces of the brand that customers could hold in their hands.

The Result

Lyndsay was thrilled with the t-shirts, and so were the tourists and staff! Seeing these designs come to life on apparel and being worn with pride… that’s the fun part of my job. But the juice hasn’t stopped flowing yet! We’re gearing up to start on Norfolk Juice Co.’s website, and I can’t wait to dive into that project. Here’s to getting juicy with design!
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