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The Soulful Spoon

Custom Design | Packaging

Brand Identity Design

I worked closely with the owner of Ivy Rose Creative, a children’s play place & rentable party space, to develop a brand that would align with their goals of inclusivity and creativity.

We developed a brand that reflected the vibrant, fun, and welcoming environment of the play place, using colors to create a unique identity that would set the play place apart from its competitors. 

Moving forward we developed a cohesive visual language that could be used across all marketing materials from business cards to signage. The resulting brand captured the heart of what the play place was all about – a place of limitless possibility for children, where they could explore their imaginations and make new friends in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Squarespace e-Commerce
Website Design

As a Squarespace Circle member, I used my expertise to build a visually stunning e-commerce website that is fully customizable to the client’s specifications. The website includes an e-commerce feature that enables easy purchase of several services. My access to exclusive tools, integrations, and resources facilitated a streamlined design process that resulted in a top-quality website. TWA Studio offers discounted yearly hosting on the Squarespace platform.

Custom Graphic Design

We had an amazing idea to add some flair to our studio’s front doors by putting up a beautifully illustrated window vinyl decal. It will perfectly complement the existing signage and make the studio even more attention-grabbing. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss it next time you drive through Tavistock!

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